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La semana pasada quería crear mi propia aplicación para presentaciones basada en Vue.js. Uno de los retos era ser capaz de navegar a través de las transparencias usando un control remoto inalámbrico que envía las teclas Avance Página y Retroceder Página  para navegar.

Today I tried to integrate Purgecss with Symfony through Webpack Encore and it was quite easy thanks to the guidance of Javier Eguiluz guidance in this Github Issue.

Artículo trata sobre el Joomla Day Granada 2016

El pasado fín de semana participé en el Joomla Day Granada 2016. He participado en varios Joomla Days y en casi todos me voy con un buen sabor de boca. Pero Granada ha sido especial. Aquí explico por qué.

Article about continuous integration

It's common that if you use things like Codeception or Selenium for testing the current system only works with old browser versions. The issue when you don't use things like docker or vagrant for testing is that you may be using Firefox as web browser and having an old version will cause you problems.

Article about code

If you are Joomla template developer you have probably faced some issues with carousels and collapsable items when both Twitter Bootstrap & Mootools are loaded.

¿Conoces el mejor evento Joomla del año? En caso de no conocerlo yo te lo explico. Y si lo conoces intentaré romper todas tus excusas para que vengas con nosotros y la comunidad hispana sea igual de numerosa que otros años.

Article about Git

When trying to explain how git works for people that wants to use it I found that the harder part is to get the global picture and to setup the base system. You cannot work with git without understanding how it works. This blog post tries to explain basics about how to use github.

Article about Joomla

You are here probably because you have read about the new joomla structure proposal. It's still not supposed to be available to the community but in fact it is. People starts having questions, starts asking themselves what is this about. This is MY opinion about it.

Recién acabado el padre aprovecho para describirme.